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25 minutes from Tromsø City

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Go Dog Sledding during daytime or search for the Northern Lights with basecamp from Tromso Wilderness Centre. We can host your conference or event in our new conference venue with 300 Alaskan huskies at your door step.

25 minutes from Tromsø city and 15 minutes from Tromsø airport you can experience the North Norwegian nature as its best! We have adventures at all levels for all kinds of people.

Dog sledding and northern lights chase is our main activities in the winter. In the summer we focus on the magnificent midnight sun with kayaking, mountain hikes, glacier hikes and excursions with our huskies.

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The calculates didn't have substantially guidance with coaches and fitness directors, in whose lobbying endeavors made it easier for stall the proposals. That it was not initially like efforts happened.

Matching attempts to revamp the FHSAA happened in 2013 and 2012, to boot. The disputes have shaped up along side education alternative and student privileges wrinkles, amid problems about precisely how enrolling would change fairness and competitiveness.

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