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By Boris Avrukh

ISBN-10: 1906552053

ISBN-13: 9781906552053

"Grandmaster Repertoire" is a brand new sequence of top of the range chess books according to the most traces, written by means of robust grandmasters. the purpose is to supply the reader with a whole repertoire at a degree more than enough for elite tournaments, and positively additionally for the membership championship. "Grandmaster Repertoire" presents a repertoire to final a life-time. best GM Boris Avrukh charts a direction in the direction of a bonus with 1.d4. Avrukh is used to dealing with the simplest avid gamers on the earth. during this booklet he offers a much better model of the repertoire that increased him to the head 50, targeting major traces with a king facet fianchetto. "1.d4 quantity One" covers the openings after 1.d4 d4 2.c4, really the Catalan, Queen's Gambit accredited, Semi-Slav, Slav, and different Queen's Gambit traces.

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Ie7? Wixg7-+) 2 1 . Wixg7+ Beliavsky - Pavasovic, Slovenia 2006. ib4 Apparently the best move. 20 ... fxe3 lLle5 With double-edged play in Tkachiev - Goloshchapov, Rethymnon 2003 . Instead of 2 1 . lLle5, Black could try 2 1 . hxg3 E\xg3! which is interesting as well, which seems to indicate that Black has plenty of resources in the position. ixd5! E:xg7 1 9 . . lLlc2 and White's g7-pawn should be a decisive factor. N I have analysed the position in depth. Everything seems to work perfectly for White: a) 18 ...

And Black is not worse. 15 ... 1"i:bl ! White is better now. For example: 19 .. ltJxa5 l"i:fdSf± 20 .. J'UdS 2 I J�b3! With an advantage. a3! The endgame looks favourable for White. The following are some approximate lines j ust to illustrate the themes and possibilities: Surprisingly, after this retreat I found no advantage for White in existing theory. However, the sequence . . dxc4 followed by . . �b4 t -e 7 looks artificial to me, and I managed to find an improvement. ig4t 1 4 . . l"i:bS?!

TUxc4 bS!. tUfd2 line. fS when White's queen is clearly misplaced on as . b4 This is a good square for Black's dark-squared bishop. bxc3 a4 would lead to double-edged play) 1 8 . . tUxc4 a4 when Black achieved a draw without any difficulty in Markus - Beliavsky, Turin (ol) 2006. d6?! tUxc4 fS! and Black is already better. :gfd l !? keeps the tension on the queenside while making a useful move, which intensifies the potential force of the dS-d6 advance. I think that Black cannot keep the tension on the queens ide and so he should simplifY the play with: 17 bxa4 We should also examine other moves: •..

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