A History Of Homosexuality In Europe: Berlin, London, Paris by Florence Tamagne PDF

By Florence Tamagne

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See Myrtle Salomon and Olive Ager at the National Sound Archives (Hall-Carpenter Archives), and Gifford Skinner, “Cocktails in the Bath,” loc. cit. 68. Fred, a hobo, in Between the Acts, op. 15. H. Auden was the first to say that in print. 30 A Myth is Born: Those Flamboyant Days — You think that what is camp is an elegant young man with bleached hair, wearing a Gainsborough hat and a feather boa and who thinks he’s Marlene Dietrich?... What I am talking about is high camp... true high camp is basically serious.

Curls of thick black hair straggled out from under a wide-brimmed Spanish hat. — “She had very thick eyebrows, and very dark eyes; her cheeks were highly coloured and she made no effort to dissimulate the very visible moustache that Virginia had affectionately mentioned. She was wearing heavy earrings and a thin string of pearls that plunged down inside a lace blouse, and over it all great velvet jacket, while her legs, which Mrs. ”94 Thus, a pure homosexual vestimentary culture developed in the 1920s and 1930s.

Indeed, the term “homosexual” was not much used in those days in homosexual circles, except in medical books (often translated from German). Many homosexuals were unaware of the meaning of the term, or did not really see themselves as such. Worsley’s characters stumble on this in his autobiographical Flannelled Fool, in a scene that may be paraphrased as follows. —“You are a homosexual,” she observed, pleasantly. ” I asked, truly surprised. ” she insisted. But was I? How could I say? Homo, I certainly was.

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