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3) that the time-dependent perturbation calculation of the transition electric susceptibility has to be carried out to first-order in ~VgAAand to secondorder in a~fA. 6) + ~. [(fJPj,(k2)lb) ( b l p v ( - kl)li)/(Eb- E i - h~ox) b + ( f J p v ( - kl) b) (b Ipu(kz)l i)/(E b - E i + tim=)]}, Fundamentals of Inelastic Light Scattering in Semiconductorsand Insulators 27 where [i>, [f>i and Ib) are the initial, final and intermediate manyparticle states of the crystal with energies E~, E:, and E b, and V is the scattering volume.

Brillouin Scatterin 9 by Acoustical Phonons In order to discuss the first-order transition susceptibility for Brillouin scattering, we have to consider the electron-acoustical phonon interaction. For a q -~ 0 acoustical vibration, electron-lattice intcraction will result from the strain associated with the mode, which is given, in component from, by [Ref. 1, Sect. 14]. 37) where qa are the components of the phonon wave vector, and the w~, are the components of the elastic displacement normal coordinate.

1, Eq. 117)]). (iii) The Incident and Scattered Waves are Damped Inside the Scattering Volume. Under these conditions, which occur in metals and small gap semiconductors that are opaque to the light, kL and k2 are complex. This case was discussed by MmLS eta]. 17] and more recently by ZEYHER et al. 18]. 25) about q = Re{k 1 - k 2 } . 19]. The last case merits some further consideration because of the growing interest in light scattering experiments on substances which are opaque to the incident light.

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