Activation and Functionalization of C—H Bonds - download pdf or read online

By Karen I. Goldberg and Alan S. Goldman (Eds.)

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Content material: 1. Organometallic C-H bond activation : an advent / Alan S. Goldman and Karen I. Goldberg -- 2. C-H bond activation through iridium and rhodium complexes : catalytic hydrogen-deuterium alternate and C-C bond-forming reactions / Steven R. Klei, Kian L. Tan, Jeffrey T. Golden, Cathleen M. Yung, Reema ok. Thalji, Kateri A. Ahrendt, Jonathan A. Ellman, T. Don Tilley and Robert G. Bergman

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G. eq 30) (128,129). Quantum yields and turnovers were much higher than were obtained for carbonylation. This reaction might be considered the first example of highly efficient alkane functionalization catalyzed via an organometallic route. ch001 2 6 3 2 (30) Mechanistic studies of this system led Maguire and Goldman to the conclusion that the role of the photon was expulsion of C O (and not photoelimination of H from an intermediate). The resulting Rh(PMe ) Cl fragment then reacts thermochemically with alkane to give H Rh(PMe ) Cl; C O then displaces H to complete the catalytic cycle (129).

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