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(from preface)Volume fifty one of Advancesconsists of 3 chapters, V. V. Mezheritskii and V. V. Tkachenko (Rostov-on-Don, U.S.S.R.) assessment the synthesis of peri-annelated heterocycles, a wide and fascinating type which has no longer formerly been taken care of in a scientific style. R. M. Acheson (Oxford, U.K.) presents the 1st distinctive survey of l-hydroxypyrroles and their benzo derivatives, compounds which convey a fascinating and weird chemistry. ultimately, B. A. Trofimov (Irkutsk, U.S.S.R.) describes the mini-fold preparative chance for pyrroles from ketoximes and acetylenes, a response chanced on through Trofimov and constructed through him right into a most crucial access into pyrrole chemistry.Volume fifty one must have been an ''Index Volume,'' and certainly the indices have been already in a complicated level, while severe sickness within the indexer's rapid family members avoided their inclusion during this quantity. they'll look in a later quantity.

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Those unsubstituted in position 2, as well as 2-alkyl-substituted benzo[cd]indoles 1W (R = H, Alk), have not been isolated because of their easy oxidation by air. & \ / RaX\ \ / (115) (114) (113) / The reduction by hydrogen and platinum dioxide of 1 ,&nitronaphthaldehyde 116, obtained by the nitration of 1-naphthaldehyde (1888CB256; 40HCA441; 5OZOB 1030; 59M634), or 1-methoxymethylnaphthalene (73HCA1382), proceeds obviously via the simplest benzo[cdjindole 117 (R = H) which, under conditions of the reaction, is reduced to 1,2dihydrobenzo[cd]indole 118 (59M721).

V . MEZHERITSKII AND V. V . TKACHENKO D. PERI-HETEROCYCLES W I T H A SIX-MEMBERED HETERORING HAVINGA SINGLE HETEROATOM 1. Naphtho[bc]annelatedHeterocycles a. Naphtho[bc]pyrans. The simplest naphtho[bc]pyran 257 is formed on heating pyridine hydrochloride with enol ether 256 obtained from peri- Me0 ~ CHO Py * HCI Ph3P=CHOMe ( 256) (257) methoxynaphthaldehyde and methoxymethylenephosphoran (73TL843; 723796). Peri-methoxy-substituted a-naphthylacetone derivatives 258 are converted into 2-methylnaphtho[bc]pyrans259 on heating with toluene sulfonic acid in ethylene glycol (83LA844).

However, no information about such transformations has been published yet. Construction of a nitrogen six-membered heteroring may be achieved by intramolecular C-acylation. This pathway was used, for instance, in the synthesis of lH-naphtho[bc]pyridine-2,3-dione 329 from N-tosyl-N-(anaphthy1)aminooxallyl chloride 328 (28USP1698894). Approaches to 1H- (328) (329) naphtho[bc]pyridines, including transformations of a five-membered carbocycle into a six-membered nitrogen heterocycle, have been described.

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