New PDF release: Amazing Animals Q & A

By David Burnie

ISBN-10: 0756629144

ISBN-13: 9780756629144

Crammed with eye-popping photos and much out evidence, all of the questions you may ever ask in regards to the animal country are responded during this distinctive kin reference.

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Fleetham 52c; Saul Gonor 19cl; Steven Kazlowski 22b; Michael S. com: Christophe Courteau cla; Steve Bloom Images: tl. com Dorling Kindersley would also like to thank Hazel Beynon for proofreading and Lynn Bresler for the index.

As the ice thickens, the seal works hard to keep the holes open. By the time winter ends, the holes can be nearly 7 ft (2 m) deep. 46 Short, bristly feathers cover the penguin like a jacket Stubby legs partly covered by feathers Q Which animal has the warmest fur? A Sea otters have the thickest and Fur changes to white in winter warmest fur in the world. Just one otter has nearly a billion hairs. These hairs are so densely packed that water cannot get between them to wet the otter’s skin. This keeps a sea otter warm, and it also helps it to float.

Ptarmigans are brown in the summer, but they turn white in the fall, to blend in with their snowy surroundings. They feed mainly on seeds, berries, and leaves. Japanese macaques Snow petrel with chick n In parts of North America, garter snakes hibernate in groups to keep warm. 47 How do pandas survive on bamboo? Pygmy shrew Every animal needs to eat, because food provides the energy to keep its body working. Some eat lots of different things, others are specialists, concentrating on one particular food.

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