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By William Smart

This Elibron Classics booklet is a facsimile reprint of a 1891 variation via Macmillan and Co., London and long island.

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Is the case if wants are what we might call weak to a rich ; to the plain liver the value of the additional sovereign is perhaps as small as to the rich man. If, conversely, a man's wants are scanty, the many and marginal utility strong, will be and means and the his high, sovereign will find wants, and urgent wants, waiting " to welcome it. It comes nearly to the same thing," " to quote Bohm-Bawerk, to say Usefulness and Scarcity are the ultimate determinants of the value of goods. In so far as the degree of usefulness indicates whether, in its way, the good is capable of more or less important services to human wellbeing, so far does it indicate the height to which the marginal utility, in the most extreme decides may rise.

Which want would go unsatisfied ? For the want which is satisfied if the good is present, and unsatisfied 1 evidently the dependent want. dependent want, in this case, is that of the if it is not, is The dog ; that is, it is the less important of the two wants. ), and where he values something he has not, with the view of acquiring it. As will be seen from above, the two methods of valuation come practically to the same result. : a man THEORY OF VALUE 30 CHAP. To put it now in more general terms.

A horse, the value of it to may depend on his A for being a country doctor, to B, on his being a hunting man, and to C, on his having a sluggish liver, we could scarcely understand how these different values come to be assessed within a few pounds or shillings of each other, if it were not When we say, for this kind of arbitrage. then, that men who meet changers of different goods put their own as ex- subjective valuations on the articles they bring to market, we must be understood to mean valuations that are not A man's valuamore subjective than man himself is.

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