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By Alex de Voogt, Walter Crist, Anne-Elizabeth Dunn-Vaturi

ISBN-10: 147422119X

ISBN-13: 9781474221191

The wealthy heritage of Egypt has supplied well-known examples of board video games performed in antiquity. every one of those video games presents proof of touch among Egypt and its neighbours. From pre-dynastic rule to Arab and Ottoman invasions, Egypt's prior is obvious on online game boards.

This quantity begins through introducing the reader to board video games in addition to tools of probability and is going directly to hint the background and distribution of historical Egyptian video games, having a look rather at how they convey touch with different cultures and civilizations. video game practices, which have been additionally a part of Egyptian rituals and divination, travelled during the japanese Mediterranean. This publication explores the position of Egypt in accepting and disseminating video games in the course of its lengthy historical past. over the past few years, the level and the modes of touch became larger understood via museum and archival learn tasks in addition to surveys of archaeological websites in Egypt and its surrounding areas. the implications let new perception into old Egypt's diplomacy and the position of board video games study in figuring out its extent.

Written by way of 3 authors identified across the world for his or her services in this subject, this may be the 1st quantity on historic Egyptian video games of its style and a much-needed contribution to the sector of either Egyptology and board video games reports.

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They also exhibit a protrusion on one end, though these are smaller and more rounded in comparison to that on the Ballas mehen. It has been suggested the type of protrusion shared by these three games is a representation of a turtle’s head (Fischer 1968:17). 2 Mehen board demonstrating a Predynastic rendering of the game. 4 cm. © Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, University College London, UC 20453. circles carved on it, and interpreted as a votive mehen board. The Petrie and Bode boards also are pierced, which suggests they may also have had some sort of amuletic function (Kendall 2007:36) which Petrie suggested was protection from serpents (Petrie 1914:25), an interpretation which he even admitted is questionable.

The materials out of which mehen boards were made—stone, ivory or faience—are all materials that are well preserved in the archaeological record. It is possible that mehen boards may also have once been made of wood, but did not survive. There have been multiple tombs that have produced sets of mehen pieces of the type depicted in the tomb of Hesy-Re without an accompanying board, which argues the board itself has decomposed. Indeed, no mehen pieces have been found associated with a board (Kendall 2007:34– 5), so it is very likely there were boards made out of perishable materials that have not been preserved; however, decomposed boards should not be inferred in every case, and such conclusions should only be made when complete or near-complete sets are found.

Actual game boards are rare from Old Kingdom contexts, and those that do exist are not definitively datable to this period. All extant boards are graffiti on Fifth and Sixth Dynasty funerary monuments (Piccione 1990b:45–8; Pusch 1979:169–77), or surface finds associated with Late Old Kingdom-First Intermediate Period finds at Abu Ballas and Muhattah Jaqub in the Dakhleh Oasis (Förster 2007:4, 22). It is important to note that graffiti games are notoriously difficult to date, and their location in Fifth and Sixth Dynasty monuments only provides a terminus post quem for those games, rather than the date at which they were used.

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