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In all of these examples, it is surely the quality 38 The evaluation of empirical models of the output that is of prime importance. In some special areas there seems to be a strong belief that it takes a great input to produce a great output, cigars and wine are obvious examples. It might be claimed that it is impossible to produce a great wine of a certain variety without using grapes of high quality from a very specific region, although it is admitted that these grapes can be used to produce quite ordinary wine on occasions.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with such vanity effects, which help explain the sales of many expensive watches, cars and bottles of foreign water around the world, but they represent just a few special examples. In the cases just considered there may be several groups each evaluating the same object (piece of art), person (teacher), or commodity (cigar). For the art work there will be the artist, the art critic working for a magazine, the art museum curator, and the public, all with quite different viewpoints.

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