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By Herbert Kohl

ISBN-10: 0835902420

ISBN-13: 9780835902427

ISBN-10: 0835902986

ISBN-13: 9780835902984

For starting and complex programmers. discover ways to application in simple if you paintings together with your personal Atari four hundred or 800. Play many hard academic video games and how one can create your individual.

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For starting and complicated programmers. discover ways to application in simple whenever you paintings along with your personal Atari four hundred or 800. Play many not easy academic video games and how you can create your individual.

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SHIFT] [INSERT] -Adds a line. [SHIFT] [DELETE] -Deletes a line . [10] [RETURN]-Deletes line 10 from your program. Typing a line number and pressing [RETURN] will delete that line of your program. 21 22 COMMUNICA T1NG WITH YOUR COMPUTER THE ELUSIVE AND POWERFUL RND(J) If you have ever played dice or roulette or bingo you already have an intuitive understanding of RND(l) . If yo u have ever had to draw a name out of a hat or pick a card to see who goes first in a game, you have also encountered the idea of RND(l).

Here is a picture of what is happening. Always try to draw a picture of what you are doing with a program if you feel that you are getting lost. A program can be diagrammed, and drawing is a powerful programmer's tool! RND(l) gives numbers here to a maximum of 10 decimal places of accuracy. 99999999. 99999999 INT(RNO(1} *10} drops off the decimals and picks out the integers from 0 to 9. 99999999. I I I I I I I I I I o 2 5 4 3 9 8 6 By adding one to th e previous statement, we get the intege rs from 1 to 10: INT ( RND (l )* 10) +1 I I I I I I I I I I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 25 26 COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR COMPUTER USING RND(l}: MAKE A GAME SOME LOOPS AND A BRANCH WILL With a few additions to the vocabulary you will be able to create some interesting guessing games while mastering AT ARI BASIC.

LET X= can become a bore. Every time you want to change X you have to write a new program just as you did above. In order to simp li fy things (and the computer is excellent at simplification once you get the hang of it), there is a statement in BASIC that lets you put a different number va lu e for a variable into the computer whenever you choose. The key word is INPUT and it means just what it says: Put something in. That something, when it is a number, is usu ally designated by some variable nam e li ke X or Y or Z.

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