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Key steps, initiatives and judgements an important to sufferer care - together with very important indicators, documentation & conversation, specimens, wound care and extra!

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10) is a reversible change of one cell type into another caused by chronic injury. It is most common in epithelium, because epithelial cells are short-lived and are always being replenished from stem cells (see the online case study for Chapter 2). Injured or stressed epithelial cells can mature into a different type of cell more suitable to existing conditions. For example, the respiratory epithelium in nonsmokers is tall columnar epithelium. In smokers, it changes into flat squamous epithelium, a simpler, more durable tissue better suited to defend against the noxious substances in smoke.

A disease of unknown origin is more commonly referred to as A. iatrogenic. B. idiopathic. C. nosocomial. D. subclinical. 2. Which of the following is an example of anatomic pathology? A. Study of a breast biopsy specimen B. Study of a blood glucose level C. Study of the concentration of electrolytes (such as sodium) in urine D. Culture of phlegm (mucous) to detect microorganisms 3. A chronic disease differs from an acute disease because A. a chronic disease has distinct symptoms while an acute disease does not.

9 Hyperplasia. Breast biopsy with epithelial hyperplasia. Normally these ducts are lined by a single layer of cells. 8 Hypertrophy. Cross sections of heart, viewed from above. A. Normal heart. Normal thickness of left ventricular wall. B. Hypertrophic left ventricle in a patient with severe, chronic hypertension. Ventricular wall is markedly thickened as a result of the increased size of individual muscle cells. For example, ejecting blood from the left ventricle across a narrowed aortic valve has the same effect on left ventricular muscle cells as lifting weights has on the muscles of a weightlifter.

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