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24 (a)) ^BrriB (Fig. 24 (b)) oLDiriD (Fig. e. 47). e. 67) + h) In working the above example, the three self-stressing distributions were derived directly from the general reactant Hne; for example, the (C) rrin distribution of Fig. 24 (a) corresponds to ιτΐβ = ηι^ = 0 in Fig. 23 (c). The calculations could have been shortened by using other self-stressing distributions; for the example, any three independent been given the values distributions may be used. H a d {ηΐΑ^ι^Β^^ο) (c) (0,1,1), (1,1,0), and (0,0,1), corresponding to the self-stressing distributions of Fig.

Free and Wo/UNIT A ·χ LENGTH / FIG. 2 . 4 reactant diagrams are drawn in Fig. 5, constructed by splitting the beam into two simply supported spans. Free-body diagrams, showing the equilibrium forces, are sketched in Fig. 6. In Fig. 6 (a), the \ 8 t (a) (b) FIG. 12), y must be zero for χ = / and χ = 21; further, t o express the Wo/UNIT LENGTH (b) (a) FIG. 2 . 11). There are thus five conditions to determine the four constants of integration, a i , a2, ßi and ß 2 , and the unknown redundancy m. e.

39) provide two relationships between the bending moments and rotations at the ends of a member, and also involve the lateral displacements of the ends. The external loading enters the equations in the form of fixed-end moments. 3 gives three useful sets of fixed-end moments; from the results for the eccentric load more complicated patterns of loading can be dealt with by superposition and integration. 3 {ter). The same example, Fig. 9, will be solved by using the slope-deflexion equations. The first step is t o malee a sketch of the deflected form of the beam, as has been done in Fig.

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