Biggles - Air Detective by W. E. Johns PDF

By W. E. Johns

This comprises seven brief tales. they're all Air Police tales aside from the final one, that is a moment international struggle tale. those are as follows:-


An ex-RAF Officer is utilizing his airplane to smuggle nylons into the united kingdom, determining them up from a ship.


A infamous US gangster is making plans to assault a Sultan's plane with a view to scouse borrow his diamonds.


Biggles is going to criminal as a way to discover an unlawful air transportation operation for criminals.


Biggles is shipped on a unique project to save lots of a undercover agent, and his info, from Bulgaria.

THE CASE OF the intense PUPIL

An very good flying scholar, who already understands easy methods to fly, is utilizing his solo flights for unlawful reasons.


Biggles uncovers a smuggling operation from Holland while investigating why a guy was once murdered.


A guy who has designed a brand new airplane is stealing airplane for the aviation gas they contain.

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