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You’d make a great lobbyist! 45 CHAPTER 4 Julie Stewart President Families Against Mandatory Minimums Julie Stewart is founder and president of Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM), a nonpartisan nonprofit that advocates against mandatory sentencing laws. Stewart started FAMM in 1991 after her brother was sentenced to five years in prison for growing marijuana. FAMM’s advocacy has led to reduced sentences for an estimated 170,000 drug defendants nationwide and has opened debate regarding the problems caused by mandatory sentencing policies.

That involved a cultural change inside the government and to a large extent on Capitol Hill. I’m proud of the work that we did for a number of years in trying to build the idea of utilizing hydrogen more broadly in the economy, ultimately to be used for automobile power. We did a lot of work with that over the years, and it’s something that I had a personal interest in and helped influence the Bush Administration to develop as part of their chief energy initiatives. Sadly, the Obama Administration didn’t follow through, but nevertheless, the whole world effort, largely inspired by what Bush did, is now moving forward at a very rapid pace, and we’re very close to having commercially produced, viable fuel for automobiles, and we were instrumental in that.

Leech: Oh, hilarious. You’re in the magazine. Allard: The latest issue is about interacting with the government. Leech: That is great. ” I said, “Hell no. I want to tell everybody what it says. ” I was actually really irritated. I called the editor up and I said, “You used the worst picture. ” And they said, “Hey listen, in China appearing well-fed and prosperous is a very impressive and good thing. ” Leech: You know, I think the picture doesn’t look that much like you. Allard: Thank you. You’d make a great lobbyist!

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