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By Sheck, Laurie

ISBN-10: 0307494349

ISBN-13: 9780307494344

A set of poetry that explores the textures and activities of the human mind.

summary: a set of poetry that explores the textures and routine of the human brain

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A suite of poetry that explores the textures and events of the human brain. summary: a set of poetry that explores the textures and routine of the human brain

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Dust rises from the road, Ashes of burned letters or the wonderings of mind. Once a hand moved across the page, but it is dust from a debtor’s prison, lost. Winter of all. Be mindful. Wild of wing. ” … I think it must be heath-rough, wild, the brain, shocked with its most Intricate hesitations, costs. Where is the language of flowers? Where the node of fear? A pleasure center Flickers. But the place that shreds itself in blackness, the place that wants More veil, how it loves its secret Heath, its changeling and bewildered Kiss, shy on its bewildered hill, So quietly scalded, unresolved.

The other day we were given vaccinations, but one of us already stood apart, His entire face and arms marked by the smallpox, and on his neck a star-clump like singed Nerves, or spidery white kisses. Seeing him, I felt something strike at me, inside me, impale its Chisel there, unlike the winged recoil of the violet’s leaves. And then the earthline wavered, a grimace briefly shadowsharp and fractured. Bitter north wind, hail and sleet. I grow flexible and mingled. Shock brings with it a silent conviction of wonder.

I went on foot and careless. She, who once was traded for a gun. She, led away into Removes. The cut thread of her, the and with bitterness I carried…And then nothing but wilderness, And being taken by, and a sorrow that cannot. No purchase I’ve come far North. The ice insists like a vast inexplicable tenderness of being, or an inquiry For which there is no answer. This white far has no purchase but itself, Ignites itself plainly. Doesn’t think what boundaries of or lacking food or shelter. Doesn’t think, What claim, what passage through, what profit, what contract, what frenzy of dissection.

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Captivity by Sheck, Laurie

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