• Season: 01.12.2019 – 22.03.2020 (Fridays, Saturdays)
    23.03.-30.04.2020 (daily)
  • Price:
    Adult: 1240 NOK
    Student/Youth (13-17): 1116 NOK
    Child (4-12): 620 NOK
  • Included: Guiding, transfer (25 min. each way), thermal suits and boots, snowshoeing equipment, hot dinner
  • Please bring: Warm underwear, gloves, a hat and everything you need for the overnight stay
  • Departure/Return: 18:15/22:30
  • Meeting time/place: 18:00 in front of Radisson Blu Hotel
  • Moderate Difficulty: If traveling with children under 10, please inquire with us before booking!
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December – March: On the trail of the northern lights

The frozen nature is covered in the silence of the arctic night. The only sound to be heard is the crunching of your snowshoes on the thick layer of snow. Ice glitters in the beam of our headlamps, while we make our way deeper into the wilderness, on the trail of the northern lights. You look up and there it is, the green bands and loops of lady Aurora dancing across the dark night sky.* In the total silence surrounding you, you understand why the indigenous Sami people swear you can hear the northern lights whisper.

To ensure you can enjoy the ice-cold beauty of the arctic night without freezing yourself, we provide you with thick thermal suits and boots. And when we return after 1.5-2 hours hike, an open fire, something hot to drink and a warm bowl of Bacalao, a traditional Norwegian fish dish, awaits you in our cozy Gamme-hut. Ideal for cold fingers and toes! Of course, there will also be ample time to cuddle with our huskies and say hello to the puppies, before we make our way back to Tromsø.

*Aurora activity is a natural phenomenon and cannot be guaranteed.

April: No northern lights? No problem!

Starting from the end of March, the arctic nights get shorter and the time of daylight stretches longer and longer into the evenings – the time of the midnight sun approaches! These light nights make the arctic spring uniquely beautiful. So even though the season of the northern lights has ended, the fjord and mountain panorama that was before hidden in the dark will take your heart by storm. Check out the gallery for pictures!