• Season: 15/09/19 – 15/04/20
  • Included: Guided tour, traditional Norwegian meal- sausages with lompe (vegetarian options available), thermal suits and boots, hot beverages and cookies, bonfire, photos from the tour, tripods, door-to-door pick-up
  • Price: Adults – 1550 NOK, Children (6-12) – 1200 NOK
  • Pick-up: from your accommodation on Tromsøya
  • Duration: 6-9 hours
  • Departure: around 18:00
  • Please bring: your Passport
  • Dress code: Warm clothes (at least two layers, preferably wool), gloves and a hat
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Aurora Chase with maximum 8 participants

Skip the crowd with our exclusive small group tours and enjoy a personal aurora experience in the arctic wilderness. The only thing you need to do is sign up – we take care of everything else!

Don’t worry about the pick-up – we come to your accommodation on Tromsø-Island at the previously agreed time (approximately 6:30). The duration of the tour is dependent on how far we must drive to find clear skies. Usually, we do not have to go further than the costal islands, but occasionally we have to drive to Finland. It is therefore important that you take your passport with you on tour! Of course, we also drop you off at the same place we picked you up.
Don’t worry about where to go – all our guides are trained in analyzing weather predictions, cloud movement and the index of the northern light. Together with their extensive knowledge of the area, you can be sure they will pick the perfect spot for the night!
Don’t worry about being cold – we provide thermal suits, boots and heat packs, but remember to wear two proper base layers (preferably wool), a hat and gloves.
Don’t worry about taking pictures – your guide is a trained photographer and will take pictures of you, the northern lights and the scenery during the tour. These will be made available for you the following day free of charge. Should you wish to take pictures with your own camera, your guide will be happy to help you with the set-up and provide you with tips and tricks for Aurora photography. We have tripods available and will help you with the camera set up (tripods are available upon request).
Don’t worry about going hungry – your guide will build a bonfire and show you how to grill sausages (vegetarian option available upon preliminary request). Of course, we will also bring hot drinks and something sweet for dessert!