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1/6/2019 -27/7/2019: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays
28/7/2019 –31/8/2019: Every day
1/9 – 30/9/2019: Wednesdays, Sundays
Included: Guide, transfer (25-30 min. each way), all necessary equipment, cold snack, warm drinks
Price: Adults: 1340 NOK
Students/Youth (13-17): 1206 NOK
Minimum Age: 13 years
Duration: 4.5 Hours
Meeting point/time: In front of the Radisson Blu Hotel, 9.15am
Departure/Return: 09:30/14:00
Please bring: Warm clothes, raincoat, sunglasses, sneakers and an extra set of clothes
Minimum groups size: Check our FAQ

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Explore the arctic nature from the waterside.

Kayaking is easy! You paddle steadily, keeping the rhythm as your guide taught you. Under the warm morning sun, each splash from your oar brings a welcome chill. Close to Grindøya-island, the water is so clear that you can spot crabs moving on the bottom! On the coast, you can see flocks of sea birds. The island is their sanctuary during the summer and many are nesting here. Your kayak moves by silently without disturbing their peace – the best way to get close to nature!

To restore your strength, we will serve you a delicious baguette and a piece of chocolate cake – a vegetarian option is available upon preliminary request.

We usually provide double kayaks for beginners, but you can inquire with us regarding a single kayak if you have some experience.

Please note that this activity has an age limit of 13 years. If you travel with younger children, please inquire with us before booking.